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Open USB ports expose computers, servers and corporate networks to numerous security threats. HSL eLock offers a comprehensive security solution for USB lockdown and control.

eLock solution highlights

  • Secure all computer and server USB ports from unauthorized use.
  • Combined hardware (physical) and software security means.
  • Mechanically lock USB ports to prevent insertion of USB devices during work and boot time.
  • Allow only USB keyboard and mouse through a secure hardcoded USB filter.
  • Whitelist USB devices to support the usage of administrator-approved USB devices other than keyboards / mouse.



eLock solution components

  • eLock USB Plug: A mechanical USB port cup that physically locks individual USB ports. Equipped with an internal authentication chip which allows associating it to an alerting system.
  • eLock Metal Plate Extension: A metal plate with which multiple USB ports can be blocked using a single USB Plug.
  • eLock USB HID Filter: A device that allows secure connection of USB keyboard and mouse. The eLock USB HID Filter blocks all USB traffic except standard keyboard and mouse. Equipped with an internal authentication chip.
  • eLock USB Configurable Filter: A device which allows secure connection of two administrator-approved USB devices based on VID/PID characteristics. Equipped with an internal authentication chip.



  • Prevent data theft and malicious code injection by blocking physical access to USB ports.
  • Prevent removal by metal-teeth mechanism:
  • The eLock hardware (Plug / Filter) is equipped with a metal-teeth lockdown mechanism that prevents unauthorized removal. Force removal permanently damages the USB port making it inoperable.
  • Monitor the real-time status of all eLock protected USB ports:
  • Every eLock hardware has an embedded authentication chip which allows associating it to a monitoring system.
  • Hardcoded HID Filter:
  • Securely connect USB keyboard and mouse through a hardcoded HID (Human Interface Device) eLock Filter while blocking other ports with eLock USB Plugs.
  • Configurable Filter:
  • Securely connect whitelisted/administrator-approved USB devices through a configurable eLock Filter while blocking other ports with eLock USB Plugs.
  • Simple and secure deployment:
  • Lock unused USB ports with the eLock USB Plug and Metal plate extensions. Allow only keyboard & mouse via the USB eLock HID Filter. Optioanlly allow additional devices through the eLock USB Configurable Filter.
Model Description CPN
FH10N-N FH10N-N HSL USB eLock HID Filter, 2P CPN13271
FF10N-3 FF10N-3 HSL USB eLock Conf. Filter, 2P CPN13270
UE10N-3-10 UE10N-3-10 - HSL USB eLock Plug - 10 pcs. pack CPN10323
UE10N-3-50 UE10N-3-50 - HSL USB eLock Plug - 50 pcs. pack CPN10324
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